Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Training

Last year we had record snowfall, 135 inches if I remember correctly.  This year we were below average until the end of March when we got 14 inches.  Then the days after got really cold, -5 at my house.  Just over this past weekend (less than 2 weeks after we got 14 inches) we got another 10 inches, so now we are nearly 1 foot above average snowfall for the season.  To add to that, we have another 12+ inches on the way starting tomorrow, which means we could have as much as 3 feet of snowfall in as many weeks.

Despite this however, I have managed to at least get some running in, although not as much as I would like.  However, I do feel that I am building a strong base (about 40 miles per week) that will enable me to quickly ramp up to 50, 60, and 70+ miles per week once the snow melts.  Running lately with all of this snow has been tough, and slow. But, I keep telling myself some is better than nothing when it comes to running and that the snow will melt eventually.  Another positive note is that other than a small flare up of a nerve issue and some sore muscles now and then, my body is holding up well and responding nicely to the demands of snow running.

With that said, here are a few pics I have taken and my totals for the first 3 months of the year.

January - 89 miles, 15:50, 3,700 ft
February - 104 miles, 18:50, 5,000 ft
March - 141 miles, 25:29, 5,300 ft

The short section of single track by my house.  This was taken a few days ago just after we got the 14" of snow at the end of March. 

Powerline pass on a gorgeous evening a little over a week ago.  Still a lot of snow to melt.  

This is what running in April in Alaska is like.