Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

Today is the 5th of May, why some choose to call it cinco de mayo I don't really know, but what this has to do with running is the real mystery.  Honestly, other than the fact that I went for a run today the date really has nothing to do with running, I just needed a title for this post.  Now onto running.

Here in Anchorage we finished up with one of the coldest and snowiest April's ever, but this week is finally warming up with lows above freezing and highs forecasted in the 50's.  Even with this weather though the snow just today cleared off most of the coastal trail.  It probably would have melted yesterday if not for the fresh snow, but luckily that turned to rain by the end of the day which also helped melt the snow.  The snowpack in the mountains is a quite different story.  Here we are in May and hardly anything up high has melted, so I expect it will be June until any trails open up, good thing I didn't get into Western States this year!

As for my running it is going quite well actually.  The warmer temps and less snow means I can go out in normal running shoes and gear which requires less prep time, so that means more running.  My morning runs are a standard 6 mile route over some hills that has about 200 ft of gain and decent, not much but it is better than nothing and I think it is really helping add strength.  I am back on my Wednesday hill climb day and this year I have been going up the Wolverine Peak trail.  This week I plan to get the bikes up and running and also start running to work.

Overall though not much to report, here are my weekly April totals and a few pictures.

April 1 - 41 miles, 7:40, 2700 ft
April 8 - 52 miles, 9:47, 2800 ft
April 15 - 50 miles, 8:22, 2700 ft
April 22 - 34 miles, 5:29, 1700 ft
April 29 - 68 miles, 11:21, 4700 ft

April total: 195 miles, 33:53, 10,600 ft

10 April, yup, still quite a bit of snow to melt. 

10 April, Prospect Heights parking lot trailhead entry to Powerline and Wolverine Peak trails.

11 April, Earthquake Park entrance to the Coastal Trail. 

11 April, a snow covered bench on my morning run. 

16 April, sunrise over Anchorage from Pt Woronzof.  Boston Marathon was heaving on my mind that morning. 
19 April, another sunrise over Pt Woronzof.  Notice the difference in sunlight in just 3 days, pictures were taken the same time of the morning. 
4 May, woke up to fresh snow.