Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back on the running

I am officially back on the running (yes, I say that like its a drug).  After taking about 6 weeks off I started back at it 2 weeks ago with some gym time on various cardio machines with a few miles of running every few days.  My ankle responded well, although this week it feels like it does when I roll it, even though I haven't.  The good news is that the tendinitis is doing well, better than I expected actually, and overall my body is responding well.

This week I got up to 16 miles, all outdoors on the snow packed trails, or sometimes not so packed.  I won't start following a formal training plan until after Christmas, right now I am just trying to get back into running and enjoy the holidays.  As part of stepping up my training to the next level I will be running a lot of hills, sticking with my climbing on Wednesday (weather permitting) and working on speed on Thursdays.  Even if I can't get any big climbing in time on my feet is better than nothing, which again, is what I am going for right now.

In other news I did not get into Western States, no surprise there as I had only a 7.8% chance.  Which means I will try and get into Waldo 100K in August, and I say try because the 2012 race was filled in less than 6 hours and they have yet to release registration details.  My friend is trying to get me to apply for the Cascade Crest 100, and I may, the timing and location work well even though I am not completely sold on the idea of running 100 miles next year (I want to do another summer of sub-100 mile ultras).

I will also start posting my weekly totals, if anything it gives me a chance to see my totals week to week.  So for this week here you go:

16.22 miles, 2:56, 625 ft of elevation - Longest run was 5 miles, but I did manage to run some intentional speed work and hills despite the snow.