Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 year in preview

  First of all, I am really looking forward to 2012!  I have a handful of races I have never run and a few I haven't run in a while, so it should be pretty fun.  I have decided to cut out most of the shorter races to save on cost, plus it will give me more time to do race specific training.  Also I am going to set some time goals as well, which should help me stay motivated to do consistent speed work.  With that said, here is what my schedule is looking like:

February - Little Su 50k
June - Mayors Midnight Sun Marathon
July - Hatchers Pass Marathon, Crow Pass Crossing (24 miles), Resurrection Pass 50
August - Bears Tooth Marathon
September - Equinox Ultra (40 miles)
October - Zombie 1/2 Marathon
November - Out of state race

  As you can see, July is pretty crazy.  Hatchers Pass is an unofficial marathon all uphill with about 4k feet of gain, should be fun!  Then 2 weeks later is Crow Pass, about 24 miles, then a week after that is my focus race, Resurrection Pass 50 miler.  But for the most part the schedule is following a pattern of 1 race per month.  I will have a 5k and 10k in there somewhere which will be my only chance to meet my goals, but I am not sure of the dates yet.  Also the race in October is still a little up in air, there may be a marathon in there but I will probably stick with the half since it will be my only half marathon of the year and therefore my only chance to reach for my time goal..

For speed goals, I am setting the following:

5k - 20 minutes
10k - 45 minutes
1/2 marathon - 1:35
Marathon - 3:30
50 miler - 11 hours

  Based on my times this year, these goals are completely realistic, I just need to be disciplined about my speed work.  The big focus race however, is Resurrection Pass 50 miler which I will attempt to complete in under 11 hours.  The reason for the time is because this is a qualifying race and time for Western States 100, which I would apply for in 2013 should I hit sub 11 hours.
  On a side note I am really looking forward to Equinox Ultra up in Fairbanks, probably more so than any other race.  It is 40 miles with a good mix of climbing, single track, and roads, plus it is fully supported, unlike Resurrection Pass that only has a single aid station at mile 38.

Overall though, I am really looking forward to the schedule.  I am going to be on a training plan for the 50 miler that will be 50-70 miles per week.  Depending on how this summer goes will really depend on my plans for 2013 as it may include a 100 miler and / or a 100k, but that is a ways out to plan.  For now, I will continue to focus on Little Su 50k in February and look forward to NOT running on snow in the spring.

Christmas Eve I headed out early for a 21 miler.  This is from the lighted ski trails about 7 miles into the run.

Cold and snowy morning but really fun!

I have become particularly fond of a short piece of single track by the house, especially in the winter after a fresh snow.

We are having a record snowfall this year, so there is a lot more snow on the trees and trails than you see here, either way, very pretty and a lot of fun to run in!

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  1. Looks like a great year! Love the pics... don't think I've ever seen that much snow. :P I can imagine it must be exceptionally beautiful to run in.