Thursday, November 3, 2011

Final race of 2011 - NYC Marathon

As a write this sitting on our flight during the last leg of our journey to New York, I find myself surprised at the number of runners on the flight and just how much the race is being talked about.  I am definitely feeling the energy from the race and each day I get more and more excited (the cup of coffee I had this morning probably has something to do with my current excitement level).

 It is hard to believe that the race which I signed up for (lottery) 12 months ago, and found out I was accepted 5 months ago, is finally here.  I also can't help but think about the fact that even with addition of more and more trail running in the past few years that I still really enjoy road running.  Case in point, I am running probably the largest and most prestigious marathon in the world, the ING New York City Marathon.  A race that I am pretty sure I will not run again after this year.

Overall however, my excitement level is high and I am looking forward to feeding off the race energy (anyone who has run a big race knows what I am talking about) and having hopefully not just a very enjoyable run but also a PR (shooting for 3:30, this would give me a PR by 20 minutes).  I have had to constantly reassure myself that staying out on the New York Marathon course longer than I planned is not a bad thing should the day not go well for whatever reason.  My runs in the past few weeks have been discouraging at times but I can't help but wonder if this is mostly due to the drop in temperatures and the addition of snow.  I am realizing that 2-3 weeks of tapering after moths of training is not nearly as hard physically as it is mentally.  Despite these elements I did manage to do 3 miles at an 8:30 pace last night if anything to convince myself I still could run at that speed.

This will be my 6th marathon over the past 4 years and my second for 2011 (not counting Crow Pass which is about marathon length but not officially a marathon).  If you wish to track me on race day the beast resource is the marathon website (  You can also head over the website and sign up for text messages or download the mobile app, both for a fee.  I will also have some race feeds tied into my Facebook account as well.  My start time is 9:40 AM as I am in the first wave or runners.  My bid number is 21203, or you can look up by last name.  I will plan on doing a post race report some time next week, until then wish me luck!

First run in the snow, October 30 2011

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